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Research: Game Penalty Shoot It could prevent senile

1 May

The results of research initiated by one of the universities in the Netherlands prove that playing games can improve a person’s memory. Particular type games First Person Shooter (FPS).

The impact of gaming on the personality of the players is still a controversy. However, according to researchers at the University of Leiden at least there are good effects to be had while playing the game.

The research involves a number of respondents were divided into two groups, one of which is a group who regularly play FPS games at least 5 hours a week. And the other group had never played any games.

From the results of the study, a group that actively playing FPS games apparently have short-term memory is better than the other group.

Screenshot of Dead Justice from former company...

Screenshot of Dead Justice from former company Cat Mother, Source Code BSD-Licence, graphics GPL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In his research, Dr.. Lorenza Colzato as the leader of this research, explains that FPS games can train players to act quickly. This is considered a positive impact on his players. Continue reading


Be careful! Play Games Online Without the ‘Safety’

9 Apr
Here's what many young people in Seoul do for ...

online gamers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jakarta – Online games have become a separate trend among gamers and internet users in recent years. Online gaming enthusiast had already taken possession of all ages.

Moreover, online gaming is considered most gamers have a ‘job’ to attract revenue. Contested, made the annual tournament, and participants even got a dedicated team ready to show skills.

According to security firm Eset, in fact led to the recent online gaming bandwagon effects in addition to the psychological impact, especially on children, online gaming is also a platform for Internet criminals to act. Continue reading