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Instagraph, Instagram-style Windows Phone

9 Apr

Washington – Increasingly popular, lots of smartphone users crave can play Instagram. Unfortunately, the photo sharing app for now only on iOS and Android platforms. For users of Windows Phone? Now there Instagraph.

Instagram - 8

Instagram – 8 (Photo credit: BrentOzar)

Initially, the application is a part of the April Fool’s joke. Starting from the appearance of counterfeit Instagram app store Windows on 1 April in the beta, but later disappeared.

At the same time, as quoted from WP Central, Wednesday (04/03/2013), there is an application called Instagraph is touted as Instagram style of Windows Phone. Some people think Instagraph is also part of the April Fool’s joke, but later confirmed as a real application.
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5 Cool Mobile Apps for Traveling Photo

8 Apr

photo-travelPhones so one item that almost always held, including when traveling. No wonder a lot of moments that are often caught on the phone than on a regular camera. Here are 5 apps that can make traveling more cool photos.

With high pixel camera and lens support is so perfect capital to capture the precious moments of splendid panorama or when traveling. However, there are impromptu moments that should be captured quickly. Mobile was often used as an option to capture the moment.

Inevitably, today’s mobile phones are not less sophisticated with the latest digital cameras. In fact, the presence of photographic applications make the photo more beautiful. From CNN Travel, Monday (04/08/2013), the following 5 cool photography applications that can enhance the images you are traveling, according to a professional photographer, John Barnett: Continue reading