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Octa Core processor Galaxy S4 Claimed battery Makes Sustainable

18 Apr

Jakarta – One of the complaints of consumers on smartphones is battery run out quickly perceived. In the Galaxy S4, Samsung try to anticipate these issues.

Galaxy S4 models are coming into Indonesia is GT i9500. This version uses an octa-core or 8-core Exynos. Actually it is not pure octa-core, but in the form of two quad-core processors are used as one.

Samsung to Hold First Galaxy S4 World Tour in UK

Samsung to Hold First Galaxy S4 World Tour in UK

1.2 Ghz processor is intended to perform a lightweight mobile operations. While the 1.6 Ghz processor to handle heavy duty like playing games. Continue reading

Death Seconds MSN Messenger

8 Apr

MSN Messenger once famous name in the ranks of instant messaging service in the early 2000s. But unfortunately, the service has changed its name to Live Messenger it will be history.

This news does not suddenly. Microsoft actually had already announced plans to shut down Live Messenger to all users since November 2012.

An image resembling the logo of Windows Live M...

An image resembling the logo of Windows Live Messenger, made for an en-wp userbox. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fill announcement also ask all users to migrate to Skype which has been owned by Microsoft. After the migration, all users belonging Live Messenger contacts will also contribute to move in a new Skype account. Continue reading

iPhone & Android Dominates U.S. Smartphone Market

7 Apr
Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Samsung has become the ruler of the global smartphone market. But in the United States, they must admit defeat with the Apple iPhone which relies. As for the OS, Android dominate.

The latest data from research firm comScore says Apple be the largest U.S. maker of smartphones in February with a market share of 38.9%. Up 3.9% of the data in November 2012.

While the Samsung occupies the runner-up position with a market share of 21.3%. Up about 1% from last November.

Samsung had a chance to catch up while the Galaxy S4 Apple entered the U.S. market. Possibility at the end of this April.
Continue reading

Pemakaian data Iphone lebih besar dibanding android

21 Mar

Siapa yang tidak mengenal kedua flatform ini android dan iphone, memang pada saat ini kedua flatform tersebut tengah naik daun, sehingga sangat tindak mengherankan jika keduanya termasuk banyak mendomonasi data pemakaian data, namun siapakah diatara kedua flatform ini yang lebih banyak memakai penggunaan data, android atau iphone?Image

NPD Group kembali mengukapkan penelitian terbaru mereka tentang kedua flatform ini dan mengungkapkan bahwa pemilik iphone ternyata lebih banyak menghabiskan data ketimbang pengguna android dan hasil ini didapat dari survey yang dilakukan di Amerika serikat dengan melibatkan 1.500 pemilik smart phone dengan berbagai operator seperti Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile dan AT&T

Dan data yang didapat mengukapkan bahwa pengguna Iphone menghabiskan data sebanyak 1.12 Gb perbulan lebih banyak dari pada pengguna android yang hanya menhabiskan 0.92 Gb per bulannya, memang dari hasil survey tersebut tidak diungkapkan aktivitas apa saja yang membuat banyaknya penggunaan data tesebut namun diduga banyak nya penggunaan tersebut disebabnya banyaknya pengguna iphone yang menjejali aplikasi store.