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Specifications Nokia Windows Phone 41 MP Camera Revealed

18 Apr

Windows Phone 7

Early in 2013, Nokia is rumored to be releasing the Nokia EOS. This is a Windows Phone smartphone with 41 megapixel camera Pureview. The issue had disappeared, but now appears again.

This time rumors about the specs reveal little that might be displayed by the Finnish manufacturing to the EOS series Nokia.

This information is gathered from blogs mynokiablog from sources close to the phone workmanship. According to him, Nokia EOS may be armed with a 800 quad-core Snapdragon processor.

But Nokia tested with other versions, namely the dual-core chip hood. This as a form of anticipation when Nokia EOS case quickly suck up energy.

The same thing for the RAM. Where Nokia tested two versions, ie with 512 MB ​​RAM and 1GB. It is probable that the last option of choice for Nokia EOS.
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Instagraph, Instagram-style Windows Phone

9 Apr

Washington – Increasingly popular, lots of smartphone users crave can play Instagram. Unfortunately, the photo sharing app for now only on iOS and Android platforms. For users of Windows Phone? Now there Instagraph.

Instagram - 8

Instagram – 8 (Photo credit: BrentOzar)

Initially, the application is a part of the April Fool’s joke. Starting from the appearance of counterfeit Instagram app store Windows on 1 April in the beta, but later disappeared.

At the same time, as quoted from WP Central, Wednesday (04/03/2013), there is an application called Instagraph is touted as Instagram style of Windows Phone. Some people think Instagraph is also part of the April Fool’s joke, but later confirmed as a real application.
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When ‘Google Glass’ So Weapons to Seduce Women

8 Apr
Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Google Glass can be regarded as the main driver behind the trend wearable electronic. Even before its official release, various controversies coloring technology made ​​by Google this.

Yes, Google Glass has become the most anticipated gadget of the century. Not only in the fashion sector anticipate a positive because the designs are fashionable as well as futuristic, but also many who responded negatively because of privacy issues. Continue reading

Death Seconds MSN Messenger

8 Apr

MSN Messenger once famous name in the ranks of instant messaging service in the early 2000s. But unfortunately, the service has changed its name to Live Messenger it will be history.

This news does not suddenly. Microsoft actually had already announced plans to shut down Live Messenger to all users since November 2012.

An image resembling the logo of Windows Live M...

An image resembling the logo of Windows Live Messenger, made for an en-wp userbox. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fill announcement also ask all users to migrate to Skype which has been owned by Microsoft. After the migration, all users belonging Live Messenger contacts will also contribute to move in a new Skype account. Continue reading

Nokia Catwalk, Successor Lumia 920 Launched in May?

8 Apr

London – Nokia is reportedly preparing to announce the presence of new champ next month. Nokia launch Catwalk, thus the code name for the smartphone, will take place in London, England.

Citing unnamed sources, reported MyNokiaBlog, May 15, 2013 selected Nokia as the launching date of Nokia Catwalk. There was no additional information is more detail about this, but the estimated specifications will be presented.


Additional information is quoted from Cellular-news, Monday (04/08/2013), Catwalk will be the successor to the Lumia 920. Unlike the Lumia clad polycarbonate material, Catwalk will reportedly covered aluminum casing. Continue reading