Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5, Which is Stronger?

1 May

Although plastic, the Samsung Galaxy S4 casing material may not be less good than the iPhone 5 wrapped in aluminum. It is trying to be proven through a number of tests by SquareTrade.

SquareTrade is the insurance company that used to do the test to the extreme top class smartphones. This includes time tested were two smartphones that are hype.

Original iPhone in dock, restarting.
The first test is a drop test. Where the phone is dropped from a certain height. As a result, the Galaxy S4 and SIII were also tested turned out to be damaged at the corners of the screen.

While the iPhone 5 did not experience significant damage. Only some parts of the dent, it is not too flashy. So that was quoted from the Apple Insider, Wednesday (05/01/2013).

Furthermore, despite the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 are not anti-air, but both were able to survive when plunged into water in a given time.

SquareTrade own judge Galaxy S4 is much more risky than the iPhone 5, even though the Galaxy SIII.

Here’s a video of testing that has been done:

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