Twitter For Musicians Offer Special Access

18 Apr
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Image via CrunchBase

San FranciscoTwitter is preparing a musical applications. Although still not clear when the service is launched and accessible to the public, Twitter has offered a number of renowned musicians to be able to access it.

Recently emerged tweet of the singers and musicians to discuss the application. Singer Jason Mraz is one of them, via his Twitter account to thank for having introduced the Twitter apps Music.

“Thanks to my friends @ TwitterMusic for sharing your new app and connecting us thru music. Congrats!,” He wrote in the account @ jason_mraz.

Quoted from TG Daily, Thursday (18/04/2013), unfortunately from a tweet that milling is nothing reveals more about Twitter Music and how it works.

Previously reported, Twitter start to square off introducing music applications. Twitter acquisition over music search service called We Are Hunted news further strengthens this news.

We Are Hunted’s technology reportedly used Twitter as a basis for musical applications which are being developed. Touted as Twitter Music, the service will offer music recommendations that can be personalized, based on a Twitter account.

Later, Twitter Music will provide music streaming via SoundCloud. As for the music recommendation will be based on who is in the user-follow on Twitter. As a result, this will allow users to find music by artist or song or artist that they follow which were followed their friends.

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