Instagraph, Instagram-style Windows Phone

9 Apr

Washington – Increasingly popular, lots of smartphone users crave can play Instagram. Unfortunately, the photo sharing app for now only on iOS and Android platforms. For users of Windows Phone? Now there Instagraph.

Instagram - 8

Instagram – 8 (Photo credit: BrentOzar)

Initially, the application is a part of the April Fool’s joke. Starting from the appearance of counterfeit Instagram app store Windows on 1 April in the beta, but later disappeared.

At the same time, as quoted from WP Central, Wednesday (04/03/2013), there is an application called Instagraph is touted as Instagram style of Windows Phone. Some people think Instagraph is also part of the April Fool’s joke, but later confirmed as a real application.

Instagraph touted to have more filters than Instagram. Not using Instagram filters standard, Instagraph use open source photo filter Aviary. This application is not officially certified by Instagram, but allows to upload photos to Instagram without an official API.

Application has been made ​​Venetasoft passed the certification for entry in the Windows Phone Store. Venetasoft reportedly been able to deal with uploaded to Instagram with his application.

But because it is a third party and are not certified Instagram, social networking could share pictures it made a sudden change in policy to prevent the application was ‘interfering’ in services.

The good news about Instagram on Windows Phone, Microsoft is now developing for the platform Instagram. Just need approval from Instagram to use its API.

Not just Microsoft, Nokia currently dominates the smartphone Windows Phone is also working hard in order to seduce Instagram land on Windows Phone application. Finnish vendor to create specialized applications that Facebook as the owner of the Instagram listening application.

Here below is a video on how Instagraph work.


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