Facebook Home Not Disturb Privacy

9 Apr

California – Facebook address concerns regarding a number of the Facebook Home. This social networking giant said this new mobile application will not interfere with the user’s privacy.

As quoted by the Daily Star, Tuesday (04/09/2013), the industry observers concerned personal data collection practices in large quantities via Facebook Home.

Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Fr...

Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The advertiser also warns that some users may not like the presence of advertisements on the Home Screen is arguably their personal space.

“Home is not to gather information,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement quoted by the Daily Star.

As you know, earlier this month Facebook launched a new service called Facebook Home. This application offers a number of cool features for Android users.

Described by Zuckerberg, Facebook Home Facebook is basically pushing content to the front page of your Android phone. So when the user opens the lockscreen, the home page is shown directly from Facebook.

That is why, since Facebook also now shows ads in the news feed and the number is increasing, it is not surprising that bothers some users.

Indeed, Cover Feed on Facebook Home will not show ads now officially available on 12 April. But in the future, an updated version Facebook Home certainly will show ads.

“Facebook is trying to get a large amount of time consumers. But besides that, the closer you approach the consumer, the more gentle treatment that you should show them,” says digital marketing analyst Angus Wood.

Analysts also asked Facebook whether the social networking giant will collect a lot of personal information from the user’s Home. According to them, it


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