Be careful! Play Games Online Without the ‘Safety’

9 Apr
Here's what many young people in Seoul do for ...

online gamers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jakarta – Online games have become a separate trend among gamers and internet users in recent years. Online gaming enthusiast had already taken possession of all ages.

Moreover, online gaming is considered most gamers have a ‘job’ to attract revenue. Contested, made the annual tournament, and participants even got a dedicated team ready to show skills.

According to security firm Eset, in fact led to the recent online gaming bandwagon effects in addition to the psychological impact, especially on children, online gaming is also a platform for Internet criminals to act.

Member at online Texas Hold’em Poker games have become the target of malware infections in August 2012 then. Online game SimCity and Diablo 3 which, according to experts in the field of computer security and internet recently considered dangerous for gamernya.

“Finally, it is a zombie-themed game ‘The War Z‘ gamer managed to steal data such as email addresses, encrypted passwords, IP addresses and in-game character name than 600,000 players worldwide by fans of the series therefore advised to immediately change the password,” Further Eset.

Online game requires an internet connection to be able to play these games for the single player even though the move is generally done to protect the copyright of the game.

Consequently, forcing people to play online. This then makes the gamer is at risk of exposure to cyber threats such as malware, theft of game tokens, and theft of personal data gamer.

Online gamers potentially exposed to cyber threats because gamers tend to play with risk, ie by disabling security applications on their computers. The risks were taken because of security applications make use of the game to ‘lag’.

A survey of 1,000 Eset PC gamers in the UK showed astounding results. Namely than 1,000 PC gamers, 30% of them admitted that they disable security applications computer before starting to play.

As a result, half of those who turn off security features malware infection and it took more than two days to repair the computer to return to normal.

Yudhi Kukuh, Technical Consultant PT. Prosperita-Eset Indonesia stated, this is clear evidence that most gamers overlook aspects of the protection of themselves and they tend to be not aware of the risks faced when playing the game online without strong protection.

“Such actions are clearly dangerous and is now popping up more and more games that require a stable internet connection, obviously is worrying because malware will be free to infiltrate a computer for gaming going on,” he said, in a written statement on Tuesday (09/04/2013).


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