When ‘Google Glass’ So Weapons to Seduce Women

8 Apr
Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Google Glass can be regarded as the main driver behind the trend wearable electronic. Even before its official release, various controversies coloring technology made ​​by Google this.

Yes, Google Glass has become the most anticipated gadget of the century. Not only in the fashion sector anticipate a positive because the designs are fashionable as well as futuristic, but also many who responded negatively because of privacy issues.

Like a two blades, of course behind the Google Glass benefits there are also disadvantages. One of them is exemplified in a video uploaded on YouTube.

Where a man who is considered the center using the Google Glass looks met a beautiful woman. Initially, this gadget is helped up on time to meet the woman because of the reminder that technology is presented directly to the vision.

However, once the woman said her name was just the man to find out about the woman through Google, just to say ‘I’ and the name in question.

Shortly thereafter, Google Image displays a photo in which the woman seemed to be playing with a dog. The image used by the man with guessing that she likes to impress her dog.

Predictable, he went straight to a variety of information about dogs through Google in order to balance the talk of the dog. The goal is clear: to lure the woman! In fact, the man could free the woman’s face photographed without his knowledge.

Although impressed by the parody, of course, the video actually made a real perception that it is highly likely if Google Glass will be used for things like that. Yes, for details, you can listen to the following video.


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