5 Cool Mobile Apps for Traveling Photo

8 Apr

photo-travelPhones so one item that almost always held, including when traveling. No wonder a lot of moments that are often caught on the phone than on a regular camera. Here are 5 apps that can make traveling more cool photos.

With high pixel camera and lens support is so perfect capital to capture the precious moments of splendid panorama or when traveling. However, there are impromptu moments that should be captured quickly. Mobile was often used as an option to capture the moment.

Inevitably, today’s mobile phones are not less sophisticated with the latest digital cameras. In fact, the presence of photographic applications make the photo more beautiful. From CNN Travel, Monday (04/08/2013), the following 5 cool photography applications that can enhance the images you are traveling, according to a professional photographer, John Barnett:

1. Slow Shutter Cam

This is the right application for you who want to shoot night scenes, especially those related to light. This application is able to capture light that moves or makes the images blurry.

This application is most appropriate for capturing light from passing cars on the road. With the composition of the moving object so blur or obscure, combined with a stationary object that will be obvious.

But you have to make sure the phone does not move during shooting. Because usually, to produce images like this, it takes a long shutter. Slow Shutter Cam produces maximum image on night sights and moving objects. Roads are jammed or river water would be good with this camera.

The price for this app is $ 0.99 in the App Store.

2. ProHDR

When the weather is too dark or bright, application ProHDR be the right choice. This application is most appropriate to capture landscape photos or scene. ProHDR lets users take pictures of objects that are too bright and the dark, then merging those images into beautiful results.

According to Barnett, the sky objects are very good for this type of application. Also, try using black and white for more dramatic results. This application is available at the App Store and Google’s Market at a price of USD 1.99.

3. Wood Camera

You would need a photo editor application that provides brightness, contrast, saturation, straightening and sharpening. Not only that, this application also provides several filters, textures, frames, tilt-shift and vignette.

Wood Camera using the ‘lightbox’ to help users organize and edit and make it easier to to share to social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

This application can work in any type of photos, there are a lot of editing options that go into many conditions. There are also other types of lenses to choose from.

Tips to use: Select the preferred lens, then you can adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation as desired. Each photo in the Wood Camera can be used as black and white as you wish simply by raising or lowering the saturation.

This application is available at the App Store at a price of USD 0.99.

4. Diptic

Can not choose the best since you think all these photos look interesting? Then Diptic be the answer. According to Barnett, the most appropriate application to produce images COLAGE.

This application also has a lot of layouts to choose from, and can accommodate 9 photos at once to put in a frame. This application allows you to enter your own collection of holiday photo summary of your trip.

The application price is $ 0.99 and sold at the App Store.

5. Vintage 88mm Camera

The easiest way to make video retro, according to Barnett, is to use 88mm Vintage Camera. This application also allows you to make regular videos into retro.

This application can work in almost all circumstances, including during the night or when the light is being dimmed. Variety of different types of film and lens lets users choose the color and ancient impression preferred.

When using this application, you can choose to include sound, or mute the sound to make a silent film which is identical to the old school video. This application can be found in the App Store at a price of USD 1.99.



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