iPhone & Android Dominates U.S. Smartphone Market

7 Apr
Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Samsung has become the ruler of the global smartphone market. But in the United States, they must admit defeat with the Apple iPhone which relies. As for the OS, Android dominate.

The latest data from research firm comScore says Apple be the largest U.S. maker of smartphones in February with a market share of 38.9%. Up 3.9% of the data in November 2012.

While the Samsung occupies the runner-up position with a market share of 21.3%. Up about 1% from last November.

Samsung had a chance to catch up while the Galaxy S4 Apple entered the U.S. market. Possibility at the end of this April.

The Taiwanese vendor HTC was in third position with 9.3% market share. Followed by Motorola with 8.4% and next LG who won 6.8% of the market pie.

But if judging from the operating system, Android leads far enough in the U.S.. Given the large number of vendors who support the green robot OS.

However, Android’s market share fell 2% to 51.7%. Followed by Apple iOS which earned 38.9% market share in Uncle Sam’s country.

Following the BlackBerry and Windows Phone from Microsoft. Their market share is still only get 5.4% and 3.2%.

Reported by PCMag and quoted on Saturday (06.04.2013), in total 57% of the people in the U.S. are smartphone users. Up 8% from November 2012.

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